About Us

Ohio-Health.Exchange is a site owned and managed by Federally Facilitated Marketplace agents and a graduate from The Ohio State University. We are not a government owned site. Key points:

  1. There are no costs or fees associated with using our site or working with our Certified FFM Agents.
  2. Our entire staff is not only Federally Certified but also licensed agents through the Ohio Department of Insurance.
  3. We work with ALL the health insurance carriers available in each state, so you can see all options available to you.
  4. All the health insurance rates and premiums come directly from the Federally Facilitated Marketplace, we have no control over what these rates are.

Additional Information:

  • When a shopper calls us while in front of their computer, we can guide applicants through account creation, checking for subsidy, shopping plans, and applying online.
  • You never pay us any money. You pay the insurance carrier directly and the carrier gets paid the subsidized amount from the Federal Government.
  • You are allowed to change your medical coverage every year during Open Enrollment or during a Special Enrollment. You can always speak with our customer support and once you enroll you can always speak with the same representative year after year.

Currently, in the State of Ohio, some of the best selling plans on the Exchange are Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of OH, MedMutual of Ohio, HealthSpann, HumanaOne, and in select markets, AMBetter. Your FFM can help you review your plan options.